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Platslära i Epona

Detta inlägg har legat halvfärdigt ett tag, därför är det ingen snö på bilderna (dock juldekorationer) trots att det är december, ifall någon skulle undra. ;) Men hej på er! Idag hade jag äntligen tänkt visa alla platser (även de hemliga) som hittills finns att upptäcka på det nyöppnade området Epona i södra delen av Skördebygden. Vissa platser kan vara en aning knepiga att hitta, men jag har postat med en bild på kartan så ni vet ungefär. Utforska brukar vara kul att göra själv, så jag har valt att inte hjälpa er med mer än den lilla bilden. Eftersom jag skrivit på svenska på bilderna så har jag skrivit på engelska under, så de som inte kan svenska har möjlighet att förstå.
"One of the oldest estates in the Harvest Counties. Owned by the family Stormheart since the 13th century, they reside in the newly-built house at the top of the grounds.
Stormgarden Fields
"This is where the Stormheart family grow their crops. The fields are well cared for and once can see the sheer amount of hard work that goes into the beautiful greenery."
 Old Stormgarden
"The Stormhearts lived here until Harald Stormheart's wife passed away. Unable to live with the constant reminders of his wife, he abandoned the house and built a new estate in a different spot on his estate. Since then, the old house has been left to rot."
 Poison Pond
"Bathing forbidden."
Butter Hill
"The seat of the Buttergood family. The family's leader and his closest family live here. The current house replaced the original building, destroyed in The Great Thunder."
 The Moon Spring
"The warm water of this spring flows out into two rivers running in opposite directions. The warmth in these rivers has given rise to the unique flora and fauna which can be found in the water and along the banks."
Mirror Marshes
"Unlike other marshes, the water here is still and reflecitive, like a mirror. At night, when the moon shines down and reflects off the water's surface, it is said to be particularly beautiful. Very few people dare to visit the Mirror Marshes at the time when tales tell of mystical happenings there."
Observatory 12 
"AAE ran an important astronomical research centre here until GED began operations in Hillcrest. The changes in air pollution made AAE's work impossible and their telescopes were made useless. The researchers living here left years ago, and since then it's remained unoccupied."
 The Eastern Slopes
"There are many people who've chosen to build themselves a summer home here on those beautiful slopes, but the Dew family who own the land have always turned down any requests for permission to buil.d
 Dew's Paddock
"Owned by the Dew family, as part of their ownership of the largest farm on the eastern slopes. Since the family disappeared, the paddock has fallen into disuse."
 Guardians' Dale
"Four strikingly powerful horse statues look down upon visitors to the dale from on high. A fifth statue was said to have existed, but it seems someone blew it up on purpose."
 Dew's Farm
"The Dew family once occupied this farm. Thet left Jorvik after they became bunkrupt, and nobody has moved into the farm to take over. It now lies dilapidated and unused."
 Moses Lighthouse
"Every night, the lighthouse shines into the darkness, but nobody's seen the lighthouse keeper for years..."
"The mists give this place a kind of invisibility, regardles of the time of day."
 Mirror Crag
"When the sun is shining, the light reflects so strongly from the rocks that you'll need to squint to stop it hurting your eyes."
 New Hillcrest Stables
"A beautiful stable situated just outside of New Hillcrest."
 Snowstorm Beach
"A freezing-cold spot where the wind always seems to blow much more strongly than in other places."
 Sunset Islands
"Here you'll find the grazing pastures of the Winterwell family's livestock. They seem happy and satisfied, and which grass-eater wouldn't be in such wonderful surroundings?"
 Old Wreck
"The sheep bleat away happily on a little island where the sun always shines."
New Hillcrest 
"Jorvik's most modern town, built from the latest city planning theories from the researchers at the University of Jorvik."
 Fort Maria
"The fort is built on the ruins of an old Roman colony, yet those Roman buildings were themselves built on the ruins of something much older. Nothing much is known about the history of the fort as it was closed off long, long ago."
 Twilight Temple
"Who this ruined temple belonged to, nobody knows."
 Crescent Moon Village
"The village was built in the beginning of the 16th Century after a huge number of Epona's population were forced here by Valdemar Winterwell, the first of the Winterwell family leaders."
 Epona Lake
"Beautifully still and oh-so-warm. Traditionally, people don't bathe or swim in the lake. Nobody remembers why anymore, but the Eponias are traditional bunch."
 Epona River
"The river flows gently by the Crescent Moon Village before emptyomg omtp the beautiful Epona Lake."
 The Old Bunker
"A relic from a more dangerous time. Nowadays, all that can be heard are the waves breaking on the shore."
Shipwreck Shores
"Countless are the ships that forever passed into the freezing watery depths having smashes into the razor sharp rocks along this part of the coastline."
Pirate Cave
 Bear Point
"The Buttergood family destroyed these beautiful cliffs when they were looking for oil. GED bought the land and continued prospecting, leaving the land unusable and highly toxic."
Old Ridgecaster
"An old ruin from Roman times, or perhaps even earlier. The Buttergood family have lived here for many hundered of years."
Ruined Entrance
"In the shadow of the fort, high above the sea."
 The Cauldron
"The road just keeps going down..."
 Old Hillcrest
"Before G.E.D. began mining here it used tu be a pretty little village with a lovely view."


 I de nya huvuduppdragen som kom i onsdags får man hjälpa till med att mäta runstenarnas aktivitet för att bygga rykte med en ny fraktion - Åskviggens inre cirkel. Eftersom jag inte gjorde huvuduppdragen förrän idag och igår så har många andra hunnit göra bra kartor, och jag väljer att dela en av de; min vän Esme's (bloggare på runstenskarta som ni kan se nedan. Det kommer uppdateras efter hand fler hittas, men detta är i princip allihopa!